Private Equity Procurement Strategies

Private equity firms are increasingly developing procurement strategies to aggregate spend across their portfolio companies. These private equity companies are under tremendous pressure to generate good returns on their holdings and this will often accelerate the need to rapidly achieve savings in procurement.

UNA Purchasing Solutions is the clear group purchasing organization (GPO) for private equity firms with mid to large enterprise portfolios. By leveraging the aggregated spend of the group, UNA Purchasing enhances member profitability by negotiating and offering membership discount programs with competitive pricing for indirect supplies and services.

With our access to leading indirect spend suppliers; UNA Purchasing is a key component of the cost reduction strategies employed by many of the nation’s private equity partners. UNA Purchasing has been very successful partnering with private equity firms to drive unique savings for each of their portfolio companies and we are proud to provide value to firms regardless of the level of ownership or involvement in the procurement process.

Savings Example: The example below shows the incredible value that can be achieving sustainable savings for your portfolio companies.

Chart mapping the savings of private equity firms who enrolled in UNA Purchasing Solutions Showing Private Equity Procurement Strategies at Work

*PE value: $23M (8x multiple of member savings)