Our Approach to Group Purchasing: What Makes UNA Different

With more than 600 GPOs in existence, what makes us so special? Simply put, we provide the extended reach of the largest group purchasing organizations combined with the personal attention and detailed care of the smaller GPOs.

GPOs range in size from very small to extremely large. The former can often only provide regional supplier contracts to their member companies, but due to their smaller size, offer personalized attention to their GPO participants. The latter, due to the sheer volume of their purchasing power, can negotiate substantial national contracts for their members, but cannot provide the individualized attention a smaller GPO can.

UNA is unique in that we are a small GPO with large supply and channel partnerships that allow our members to access the biggest and most cost-effective contracts available. We offer high combined annual purchasing power and a continuously reviewed portfolio to members looking to cut purchasing costs.

Do you want access to the best possible contracts out there? Check. We’ve got you covered.

Do you want personalized attention from a team of knowledgeable experts? Check. We won’t relegate you to a spreadsheet or pass you off to an automated customer service rep. We’re here for you and always will be.

Beyond knowing you get the best care and the best contracts, you can also feel good about working with UNA because your utilization of our contracts means you’re also helping support nonprofit organizations with a focus on social justice. We believe that by donating a portion of our proceeds to social justice causes such as human trafficking, we can make a positive difference in the current issues that are facing our communities.