Kelsey Beaudry

Marketing + Operations

Kelsey is the Marketing Operations Assistant at UNA. She brings distinct focus and profound drive to the Marketing team. Her unique blend of visionary, analytical, and creative skills make her invaluable in moving UNA’s needle. Kelsey manages everything from SalesForce efforts to outbound marketing to campaign tracking. Whatever she takes on, she conquers.

Kelsey attended Purdue University (which you would know if you’ve ever seen her March Madness bracket…) Where she studied Agribusiness with a concentration in Marketing, and a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. Since then, she’s built an impressive sales track record.

Kelsey joined UNA “because of the culture. I could tell early on that they lived and breathed their values.”

Fun Facts About Kelsey

  • Q. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
    A. “The ability to teleport, because it would save so much money and allow me to sleep more, instead of having to drive places.”
  • Q. What’s your weirdest / most-unique hobby?
    A. “I go line dancing/two-stepping every weekend.”
  • Q. What’s your favorite meal?
    A. “Pizza. Always.”

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KelseyBeaudry Salesforce Certified