Kailey Lee UNA Headsho

Kailey Lee 

Operations Manager

Kailey Lee is the Operations Manager at UNA. She moves the needle by helping the team discover what’s needed to push the organization forward. Kailey helps us step back, analyze data, and fill gaps. She works to improve cross-departmental communication and enables people to get back to focusing on their real jobs.

Her goal is taking day-to-day tasks and functions and tying them back to the why. Helping remind people why they’re doing what they’re doing, pointing them back to the bigger picture. Kailey also manages customer retention and experience. She builds strategic partnerships with clients and identifies the best opportunities for UNA. Her mission is to align UNA’s focus with the needs of our clients, ensuring that we always deliver what the market needs most.

Throughout her career, Kailey has continually been drawn to multi-faceted roles. She’s skilled at simultaneously managing multiple teams, structures, and products & solutions. Kailey thrives on challenge and knows how to effectively manage people, regardless of their position. Her future in operations may have been foretold when in college, she horrified her roommates by alphabetizing the cereals. (Not to mention, creating pantry checklists of which items went on each shelf.)

The rest of her collegiate experience was spent studying Business Management at Fort Hays, Kansas. Simply put, Kailey’s unique combination of people skills and analytical prowess make her invaluable. Her KU devotion, high standards, and tireless work ethic always inspire the UNA team.

Kailey joined UNA because:

“The challenge and reward really appealed to me. I knew UNA would be somewhere I could make a difference. Somewhere I could make an immediate impact, and help build the business. Being a part of scaling the success that was already happening, was pretty appealing. I also wanted a team where I could align with the culture and vision. Where integrity was truly valued and where I would have a chance to grow.”

Fun Facts About Kailey

  • Q. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
    A. “I’ve thought about this a lot. It would have to be, the ability to refresh myself without needing to sleep. I think about all the extra things I could do, and languages I could learn with the extra time. It would be amazing.
  • Q. What’s your weirdest / most-unique hobby?
    A. “I love adventure. I love to go hiking and white water rafting. One of my favorite things to do is to find old, hidden gem bookstores. Give me the smell of old books and a cup of coffee, and I can easily spend five hours in a good book store. I’m an active reader and am usually reading at least three books at a time. Including one personal book, one business focused, and one spiritual/health book. Libraries were my favorite places as a kid.”  
  • Q. What’s your favorite meal?
    A. “No contest. Chicken and waffles with hot sauce.”

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