Exodus Cry and UNA

At UNA, we’ve chosen to partner with a nonprofit fighting against social injustice. This nonprofit organization, Exodus Cry, is focused on eradicating human sex trafficking through prevention, intervention, and holistic restoration of trafficking victims. We donate a portion of our profits to support Exodus Cry and their endeavors.

About Exodus Cry

“Exodus Cry functions to bring an end to sex trafficking. They are a dedicated team of professionals who work full-time to prevent sex trafficking, intervene where it occurs, restore its victims, and create films exposing this crisis. Every single day, they are encouraged and inspired to keep fighting for the women and children held captive, because every person deserves to be free!”

Holistic Approach

Exodus Cry takes a holistic approach to combating sex trafficking. They not only seek to prevent trafficking before it begins but also seek to intervene where it already exists and bring restoration to those who are rescued. They do this in the United States and around the world.


Exodus Cry harnesses the power of film to expose sex trafficking and invite the masses to join in the effort to end this injustice, locally and globally.

Learn more about Exodus Cry.