Crystal Villareal

Customer Experience Specialist

Crystal is one of UNA’s earliest team members and has been an integral part of our growth and client-supplier connection process. As UNA’s Customer Experience Specialist, she works to ensure that everyone who engages with us, from small businesses to world-class associations and their members, is fully leveraging UNA’s purchasing power. Not only does she work tirelessly to make our clients’ lives easier, but she’s equally dedicated to assisting the rest of her team. She is clearly a “person person” and it’s her love of discovering new things about people that makes her so perfect for her role.

Crystal is a high-achieving self-starter who is skilled in all things administrative, time-management, and communication-related. She’s always looking for learning opportunities and for ways to empower others.

Before she joined UNA, Crystal excelled in multiple administrative roles and was looking for an opportunity to further sharpen her skills. She found that in UNA:

Crystal joined UNA because:

“I decided from the beginning of my career that I wanted to learn as much as I could about working in a supportive role, which is what made me want to work here at UNA…. they said they wanted to create a team of hungry and motivated people who wanted to grow with the company. That was a new concept for me at the time, and it made me want to be a part of what was going on with UNA.”

Fun Facts About Crystal 

  • Q. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
    A.“I would choose to have wings so I could fly. That way I’d not only get to see different parts of the world that I’ve never seen before, but I’d also get to see the parts I have seen, from a new perspective.”
  • Q. What’s your weirdest / most-unique hobby?
    A. Going for a drive and getting lost in a different town or neighborhood. I like to drive and look for open spaces, where you can see more of the sky without it being blocked by buildings or trees. The sky is my favorite part of nature.”
  • Q. What’s your favorite meal?
    A. “Enchiladas and rice. Specifically, my moms.”

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