Cindy Rittel

National Account Executive 

Cindy moves the needle at UNA by ensuring that we always deliver value. She is the voice of our customers both to our partners and to the UNA team. Her extensive product management, sales, and marketing experience make her the crucial conduit between each department. Cindy helps our whole team better understand our clients and how each of us can help make their dreams come true.

Her goal is to make our clients feel like they’re part of our family and culture, and that they’re in a true partnership. Cindy continually works to build her business acumen and help UNA’s executive team create customer-centered strategies.

She holds a Master of Business Administration from Baker University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from Emporia State University.

Cindy joined UNA because:

Of the culture and the people. UNA is not only a family-oriented company, but it is a family. It’s a fun place to be, we work hard, and we play hard. I could tell immediately throughout the interviewing process that these were very intelligent, empathetic, and communicative people. I knew they would be great to work with and they would challenge me. The GPO space is also a fascinating industry to be part of.”

Fun Facts About Cindy

  • Q. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
    A. “I wish I had precognition. I wish I could predict the future, that way I could win every lottery.”
  • Q. What’s your weirdest / most-unique hobby?
    A. “I am great at accidentally-running-into Kansas City celebrity athletes. I’m honestly not sure how it happens, but I bump into them everywhere. Here are a few I’ve met: 

  • Q. What’s your favorite meal?
    A. “Anything I don’t have to cook.”

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