Account Manager

Diligent relationship builder & communicator

What We Know About You:

You are a dynamic communicator whether it be in person, over the phone or through email. We know that you have the ability to influence stakeholders to accept change and embrace new ideas. You understand that people don’t want to be sold to, they want to buy…and buy for less. Additionally, you know when, where, and how to get results and how to share that information with others in a manner that increases engagement and long-lasting results. Learning a new industry is not a concern because you live for a challenge. The best part about you is your passion for helping people, your ability to build long-lasting relationships and your desire to help customers overcome challenges. You feel best when you help others succeed!

What You Need to Know About Una: 

We are on the brink of accomplishing incredible milestones at Una and even still the best is yet to come. 2020 will be a pivotal year in launching Una into the future. The Account Manager position will be monumental in this growth and we have members and suppliers already yearning for further engagement. We need you to join and help us accelerate growth while continuing to solidify our current long-standing member and supplier relationships. Una has an excellent track record of winning and the Account Manager position will help further that success.

The Challenge: 

Use your natural gifts in communication to ensure the Una Sales Team continues to thrive. As an Account Manager, you will work closely with internal stakeholders to ensure that we are laser-focused with our efforts and placing energy on the correct objectives. You will need to be quick, proactive, detailed and intentional with all of your assigned members. This opportunity will not be easy, but if you have ever wanted to be part of something bigger than yourself, this is the move! Una is growing at a rapid pace and this position will be a catalyst to further that growth. Only the best need apply. Take control of your career today and join a team that refuses to lose.

Performance – 60 Days:

  • Be well-versed in the history of Una, as well as, the future goals of Marketing, Sales and Operations teams.

  • Obtain and analyze data from Operations to understand our members and suppliers.

  • Establish recurring meetings with all current members that fall within the scope.

    • Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually depending on member

  • Understand, applicable, Operations processes as it relates to connecting members with a variety of different suppliers

  • Learn travel offering/platform processes for cross-sell capabilities and have at least one successful cross-sell.

  • Work with Customer Experience Team; understand appropriate channels to engage for Support issues.

Performance – 180 Days:

  • Review all Una Closed Won Accounts and identify which category the member is in, on the Tiered Member Model – – set a cadence for reviewing process to take place Quarterly, at minimum

    • Set meetings with new Accounts, as appropriate

  • Review all Closed Lost Accounts and engage contacts via phone to explore other areas that Una can bring value – – set cadence for reviewing process to take place Quarterly, at minimum

  • Monitor Usage Reports for all accounts within scope and ensure members are maintaining and increasing their sales usage

  • Bring, at least 15, referrals to Una from top accounts and facilitate the introduction to the appropriate Sales team member

  • Ensure that assigned accounts are fully penetrated with the contract portfolio and product offerings and develop key relationships with the suppliers and distributors of Una’s.

Performance – 365 Days:

  • Attend a professional development conference and/or seminar

  • Ensure all members contact information remains current; if there is turnover ensure a new point of contact is established.

  • Review top 100 contracts with the greatest utilization. If any contracts are expiring or are being updated ensure impacted members have an understanding and pathway to continued savings.

  • Work with Operations to ensure that Closed Won Account projections are accurate/aligned with revenue received

  • Understand the strategies of our top 25 accounts, for the upcoming year, to ensure Una is involved in having those achieved

  • Conduct at least 10 business reviews to summarize value delivered to members and identify additional opportunities that may exist within the member’s strategic objectives.

Position Overview & Requirements:

  • Advise members by learning about their needs and assist them in identifying additional value.

  • Follow up with members to ensure needs are being met on a determined recurring basis.

  • Present the value of additional products and/or services to members.

  • Build stellar and efficient relationships with external and internal contacts to create a better member experience.

  • Increase referrals to the company through active engagements with current members.

  • Manage multiple accounts while seeking new opportunities.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Dynamic time management skills and strong attention to detail

  • Maintain a Positive Attitude, Availability, Work Ethic, And Collaborative Spirit

  • Experience utilizing CRM; specifically Salesforce

  • Ability to influence C-suite and have excellent customer service.