Ellen Fales

Digital Content Developer

Ellen moves the needle at UNA by helping our association customers increase program adoption. As UNA’s Digital Content Developer, she is the go-to person for all things digital marketing that our clients may need.

Ellen uses her impressive content creation expertise to help clients effectively market their member benefits programs. She works with every kind of association team, helping them analyze their approach, build strategies, and create the best promotional content.

Ellen loves the challenge of crafting the perfect message for each medium, whether it’s 5 words or 1,500. She attended the University of Kansas, “like a good Georgia girl would” where she studied journalism and minored in English. Ellen proudly serves as the Admission Step-Up Chair for the Junior League of Kansas City and as a member of Mercy Ambassadors for Children’s Mercy.

Ellen joined UNA because:

The people! As soon as I walked into the UNA office, I felt totally at home. Everyone was genuinely happy and excited to be there. The sense of empowerment and teamwork is something I’ve never been able to find anywhere else.”

Fun Facts About Ellen

  • Q. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
    A. “Is eating carbs without gaining weight a superpower?”
  • Q. What’s your weirdest / most-unique hobby?
    A.  “I know you’re not supposed to say drinking wine and watching Netflix, but…”
  • Q. What’s your favorite meal?
    A. “The pasta carbonara at Tre, which is a restaurant on the Lower East Side in New York. Go and thank me later.”

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